2.4G DFI 3-pin Xlr Wireless Dmx Receiver dj stage Lighting Controller

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    Product description

    LED Lighting controller 2.4G DFI Wireless DMX receiver or transmitter
    Product Description :
    DMX512 wireless receiver/transmitter transmits standard DMX512 protocol data (generated by console) by wireless way.
    No time delay when signal data is transmitting, signal data is real time and reliably.
    This product adopts a 2.4G ISM frequency section
    High effective GFSK modulate,communication design; 126 channels jumping frequency automatically, high anti-jamming ability.
    2.4G wireless DMX512 R/T
    126 channels jumping frequency automatically, high anti-jamming ability. to ensure works reliability
    7 groups ID code settable,User can use 7 groups individual wireless net without any interfere each other in the same place…(Tricolor LED displaying Indicators)
    Input voltage: 5VDC 500mA MIN
    Communication distance: 500M (visible distance)
    Work frequency section: 2.4G ISM,126 channels.frequency section
    Max transmitting power rate:20dBm
    Operating manual:
    1) ID code and LED color corresponding relationship:
    2). Press key 1 time to indicate ID setting,,Press again to set IC,then ID value adding 1 each time you press the switch.
    3). Working condition:
    LED constant lit up:No DMX or wireless signal.
    Red LED flash:Transmitting.
    Green LED flash:receiving
    4) RF frequency 2.400 – 2.525G,total 126 channels,it’s searching automatically,
    5). ID Code “1-7” groups ID code,press ‘KEY’ for setting,it only can work under same ID code of transmitter and receiver. (Same LED Color)
    Receive Sensitivity: -94dBm
    DMX connector: 3pin
    Size: 25 x 220 mm
    Weight: 0.25 Kg
    package includes : 1pc female receiver + 1pc US adapter

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